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International Journal of Malacology 1984 ISSN 2037 - 8998
published by
Associazione Malacologica Internazionale (A.M.I.)
"Founded to the increase and diffusion of Malacological knowledge" (14.11.1984)

Argonauta is not issued for purposes of zoological nomenclature, in accordance with art. 8.2 of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature (2012)

In this number:
Argonauta num. 1-6 year 2013 volume XXII
Roberto Ubaldi DALLA REDAZIONE pag. 001
Raffaele Petrone Sulla somiglianza di alcuni Muricidae del genere Thais pag. 002-025
Claudio Fanelli Marmorana signata cfr. tiburtina (E. von Martens, 1899) pag. 027-040
Domenico Capua Collezionare Cefalopodi pag. 041-070
Alessandro Margelli Tacheocampylaea Pfeiffer, 1877 Foto e commenti personali su due specie isolane pag. 071-085
Irene Vuolo CRDM2012 Campagna di Ricerche Didattico Malacologiche 2012 pag. 086-137

Associazione Malacologica Internazionale (A.M.I.)
Istituto giuridicamente riconosciuto con DM 6.11.1992
dal Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali
Redazione: Via delle Case Basse, 171 – 00125 Roma
Sede e Biblioteca: Via del Risaro, 29, I-00127 Roma
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Aut. Trib. di Roma n. 138/85 dell’8.3.1985

FOTOGRAFIE: Claudio Fanelli – Gilda Pianciamore

La Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri ha iscritto al R.N.S. la presente pubblicazione a decorrere del 16.5.1996 (N. 1902. Vol. 20 f. 9 in data 17.5.1986)
L'Associazione Malacologia Internazionale nella qualità di Operatore di Comunicazione è iscritta al N. 7321 del ROC dal 30 Novembre 2001

Argonauta publishes papers based on original research and review articles on Malacology. Single mono-graphic issues are published occasionally: Authors should contact the Editors for details. Taxonomic papers are to respect both the Articles and Recommendations of the current edition of the International Code of Zoological Nomenclature. particularly when describing new taxa. All articles and associated recommendations of the I.C.Z.N. are to be strictly followed and adhered to (especially Art. 73 and associated recommendations hereof), and the location of all typed material is to be clearly indicated. All papers (which shall include all those of invited contribution), shall be reviewed by a minimum of two referees. All such manuscripts as do not conform to such guidelines as be here indicated below, shall not be taken into consideration. It is required that three copies of all such manuscripts as be submitted, be forwarded to the Editors at the address indicated here below:
It is preferable that submitted manuscripts be written in English. Authors of such, are to provide the names and addresses of four research scientists of recognized competence to be considered as reviewers of the submitted material. Reproduction of all figures and illustrations that be under national or international copyright, may be included with, and in, the said articles only if such figures and illustrations be accompanied with the express written permission of the holder of the said copyright or copyrights. The final completed manuscript version of all such works as be accepted, are to be written on digital support or forwarded via e-mail. Both PC or Machintosh formats shall be accepted. It be requested to all authors, not to justify the text submitted, nor the pages, tabulations nor chapter titles thereof. All Latin names, Journal titles and Reference VERSALITAS are to be included in italics. It be required that use is made of one of the more widely used word-processors – e. g. MS-WORD, WORD-PERFECT, or to send a plainly written text - ASCII.

Contributing authors shall be forwarded one set of proofs for proof-reading or minor correction thereof . Any such excessive alteration of the said proofs, (other than those of corrections of mis-printing and minor adjustments), shall not be permitted. The said authors be requested to return such proofs as promptly as possible. A digital copy of all such submitted and accepted texts, shall be supplied free of charge to the said authors. Additional copies of the texts may be requested on order, on return of the same.