Before its official establishment in 1984, the International  Malacological  Association was already actively engaged in its field of activity  and much of its collections  were widely accessible.
The Association  was established on 11.14th.1984 by public deed registered at the Civil Court of Rome.
On 06.11th.1992 the Association  obtained by ministerial decree, the recognition of legal personality (G.U. no 42 of 02.20th.1993).
On 07.20th.2001, by Act no. ACT (CAP201) the Republic of Seychelles has seen the establishment of IMASey as branch overseas AMI


The association’s founding tasks the study, preservation, documentation and protection of molluscs; creatures that inhabit the sea, land and rivers, and which are still poorly known, studied and protected. In addition to an obvious visual interest, linked to the shell, which direct production of the molluscs, it was necessary to create in young people, even in elementary grades learning, environmental awareness in this particular area.

The Association:

  • Promotes and encourages the study and knowledge of natural sciences in general with particular reference to marine biology;
  • Promotes studies and research on problems of investigation, knowledge and protection;
  • Assume, in the information sector, various initiatives by publishing the results of studies and research undertaken;
  • Promotes and sponsors cultural events such as exhibitions, conferences and seminars also working with associations and national and international institutions;
  • It established a specialized library starting at the same time, a system for online purchases;
  • Has collected over the years, a particular malacological collections of sea shells, land, snails and freshwater;
  • It  is intended to constitute different organizations for a better public enjoyment of this priceless patrimony.


It is possible to organize trips, excursions in the Republic of Seychelles (Indian Ocean), by the  IMASey, Section of A.M.I.