The  Collections of A.M.I.

The assets of the Association is the Library and from the following collections:



NOTE ON THE TYPE OF ASSETS: The AMI Collections is being inventoried. His availability will be provided progressively by including on-line all of its collections.


Collection of all texts of the association as follows:

BG - General Library.

BIBLIOAMI - Collect all the texts in the  Malacological field  as follows:

  • BM – Books on Malacology;
  • PE – Periodicals in Malacology;
  • EX – Extraits in Malacology (original and copy);


Compilation CD, DVD, VHS divided into several topics:

  • Educational;
  • Cartoons;
  • Adventure Film;
  • Various Documentaries;
  • History, Archaeology;
  • Tourism, Geography;
  • Western, Western Story;
  • Film War;
  • History and Literature.


The  Malacological Collections  are delivered through a series of fact sheets, monographs and inventory that will be worth the work installed on the site over time, until you can deposit assets in the entire museum areas to ensure the widest and directly benefit the public.

Collection of stamps  in  Malacological Thematic

Collect all the stamps issued by all countries of the world upon which depicts a sea shell, land or river, a mollusc, a fossil of a shell or ornaments made from shells. Collects, in addition, all stamps relating to pearls, their cultivation to fishing and related jewelry. Is periodically updated. The collection is dated June 10th, 1859, with the image of a shell on a stamp issued by the Bahamas to the value of one penny, being the first value with the design of a shell.

Collection of stamps in Various Thematic

Integrate Philatelic Collection in  malacological thematic stamps for all those who have been issued in complete sets with the previous ones, but that does not depict shells, but subjects of various kinds.

Philatelic Collection Envelopes First Day Issues (FDC = First Day Cover)

Collects all the envelopes, postcards and Aerogrammes published by all Post Offices in the world where terrestrial or marine shells are depicted, molluscs, fossils of shells or ornaments, always made with shells.


A collection of extraordinary value. Begun in 1979, consists of all the return receipts (receipt abroad) that have been stamped by the Italian Post Office and sent to many recipients worldwide. Return receipts imprinted with stamp collections, readable by all countries that have received it and returned to the Association.

Envelopes of the World

Collects all the envelopes, the different formats (standard and large format), shipped from around the world to the Association, complete address, postmarked departure stamps used and the various characters.

Historical Letters

The correspondence Historical A.M.I. collects all the letters that have been originated by the authors, libraries and institutes.
The correspondence Historical A.M.I. is divided into two areas indicated below:

Letters of Authors in Malacology;
Letters of Libraries, Museums, Cultural Institutions and Organizations around the world.